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About Us

“Google Analytics for the physical world”

Coming from our ambition to be in the heart of the fast moving technology in Data analytics, Internet Of Things and digital marketing, Wi-Think was born.

Wi-Think provides a variety of services in the digital marketing world. We provide Advanced Social Wifi analytics Platforms, Data Analytics and reporting services as well as a multitude of social media and marketing services.

We create a positive user experience in every element from design and login methods, to the simplest of features, like responsiveness across varying devices.

Our services allow you to communicate better with your customers, understand them, analyze their spending habits, gather their reaction and feedback in order to turn them into faithful clients.

Moreover we guarantee for you an immediate boost for your social media pages by increasing organically the numbers of your fans, likes and followers.

The service has proven success in a multitude of industries counting Shopping malls, Retail Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Clusters, Cafés, Bars, Exhibition venues, Airports, …

Wi-Think is an avant-gardist leading provider of smart WiFi solutions aiming to give all types of businesses THE KEY to recognize and engage with their customers through personalized marketing tools and advanced in-depth Social WiFi Analytics.

Through solid partnerships with Purple & Aislelabs, international leaders in Social WiFi, Wi-Think has set a new trend in the local Lebanese market for targeted marketing and digital advertising over WiFi.

Since the beginning of 2018, Wi-Think has earned the trust of the market’s leading groups in hospitality, retail, commercial venues, events / entertainment activities, private services, transportation and more!

Our team of experts are meticulously trained to assist and support any requirement revolving around our platform including but not limited to data & report analysis / extraction, real-time promotional campaigns, marketing campaigns management, survey conducts, feedback collection, social media & community management, digital advertising & far more, to help increase revenue and growing YOUR BUSINESS to the next level!

With a team of hard-working professionals and experts, We aspire to be one of the best and most trusted Digital marketing and Data analytics companies in Lebanon and in the region.


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Our Services

Social Wifi Analytics Platform (SWAP)

With our social Wifi platform, you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics. It allows you to collect extensive demographic information about your customer profile, interests, frequency of visits. It enables your business to truly understand their behavior, dwell time, return visits; and turn them into faithful clients.

What’s more, with the right setup, we can capture footfall numbers, and visitors analytics even if visitors do not login to the WIFI.

Data and report Analysis

We gain access to in-depth information about your WiFi users, your venue characteristics, your staff members, your menu/services and your customer service handlings. We also study the market through a series of venue visits. And finally, we monitor your marketing activities in order to provide accurate and effective solutions and marketing tactics.

SWAP Campaign management

We run a variety of digital marketing campaigns on your venue platform. The campaigns include personalized Splash pages, pop-up ads, pop-up surveys, SMS messaging, email marketing and smart-coupons.

Account Management

We give WIFI access to your shopping mall visitors and through our SWAP, we will communicate with them through targeted ads and offers, timed coupons, special deals based on their profile in order to increase retail store sales within the shopping mall.

Social Media

Our social media services include account creation, creative content creation and posting along with boosting and campaign launches. The social media portals we work with are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

Advertising network

Wi-Think offers a variety of advertising networks that allow you to advertise your products and services to your target market. Profile and Geo-targeting networks are installed at Malls, Exhibitions, taxis, buses, clusters,.. in order to reach the right target at the right time. The audience can be targeted by age, gender, Date of visit, Birthday date, shopping frequency, location, language and much more



Enterprise CRM

Salesforce, Oracle peoplesoft, SAP hybris, Adobe, Microsoft dynamics

Marketing platforms

Google ads, Google analytics, Social Media (Facebook and twitter), Tripadvisor, Email marketing (Mailchimp)


Full integration between our platform and your venue application

Our portfolio

CityMall – Daoura
Broumana Villa
Abd el Wahab
Boulevard Beirut
Coral oil
Diwan Beirut
El Denye hek
Ginger & co.
Iris beach club
Joue club
La plage
Al Sultan Brahim
Beirut Souks